Emulation Handbook

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Ethan Friedman (Student 2021)
Ethan Friedman

You did a great job being consistent with your color scheme. The gradient yellow looks really good behind your text.

You also did a great job incorporating the vocabulary, layout, and POV in your story. You used great descriptive words throughout your scene. The only downside I see is that your title isn't centered.

Great Job!

Sophia Paul (Student 2021)
Sophia Paul

Your scene is really good! All of the components that you talked about in "Edge of Eternity" were in your story and were executed very well. You used complex vocab within your story, you made the point of view third person, and you broke up your scene as the author did in the book that you were reading. I think that the design is very professional. The colors go well together and are easy on the eye. Good job!