Emulation Handbook by Kamil Kielar

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Jowon Dorbor (Student 2019)
Jowon Dorbor

The Stolen Purse

As I walked into the cafe, the aroma of black coffee and delicious raisin bagels floated heavily through the shop. My eyes roamed around the shop and quickly stopped at a table with my lovely friends waiting for me. I walked towards them and was greeted with smiles.

“Good Morning, Jowon.” They said in unison.

“Good Morning, Kyianna, Lauren, Lauryn, and Zoey” I said as I took my usual seat by the window, where I can see the beautiful sky clearly.

Brenden sat by himself at the very corner of the cafe. Away from the large windows and away from everyone just as he liked it. He saw something the caught his eye. Something that is and looks very expensive. Jowon’s purse. This brought greed in his eyes. Greed to take it and run as fast as he can. He saw her talking to her friends and occasionally looking out the window.

“I’m going to use the restroom. Can you guys watch my stuff?” I said while pointing to my keys and purse.

“Of course”

Brenden notices that she was getting up. It looks like she going to the bathroom. He sat up straight. “Maybe this could work.” He said to himself. He raised to his feet and walked toward their table not trying to seem creepy. “Hey, Ladies. You all look beautiful this morning.” He said as he sat in Jowon’s seat with her purse inches away from his hand. He grabbed the strap of the purse and held it tight.

“Thanks” he heard them say. He saw Jowon coming out the bathroom and panicked. TIME TO GO! He got up quickly and dashed out the door with her purse causing the chair to clash on the floor.

Autumn Lor (Student 2019)
Autumn Lor

Look at that boy sleeping!” the sun said as it rises from behind the building. “I just know something's going to happen, be sure to wake up to see it.”

I was covering the boy’s body as he slept. His body was tired and cold, but with me there, I could help him with that. “What’s with this sun? He going to leave me, go away!” Thanks to the sun, he got up and watched the window.

“Look at them, my kids are beautiful, just like flower blooming during the spring,” I heard the boy say.

I watched him for half an hour, getting ready for work and leaving someone very important behind. After he leaves, someone else comes in.

“Another day, another year. Only if he knew what he had, he could be so much more,” After all, he’s not very known for what he does. After 7 years together, you think people will know how you feel now. Walking over to the dresser, looking at our pictures, “what happened to this family? Where are we now?”

Rain drops poured outside, “Leave! There’s no more use here.”

I walked towards the bed as something spoke it me, “he doesn’t need you, he doesn’t need anyone but—” I turned off the sound talking and closed my eyes to think about how would it be like. Everything would be done just for me.