Emulation Handbook Keely Hutton

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Assirem Hosni (Student 2020)
Assirem Hosni

just by the insight of the plot summery of the book, it gave me a great insight into how many people don't get what they want in life, most people only get what they need. What stood out to me was the scene Samera wrote. I think its really thoughtful and a great way of incorporating all the elements correctly.

Lamar Reed (Student 2020)
Lamar Reed

I learned that your book was about a boy who was forced to become a soldier who has to go through a lot of hardships. What stood out to me what the book cover and also just the design of the project itself. The design is really clean and I like the black background with the words over. Looks really cool!

Amani Harb (Student 2020)
Amani Harb

I learned that you were born in New York. What stood out to me was your story. I liked the 300 word emulation because it showed two different people's point of views.