End Of The Year Digital Portfolio - Independent Reading Review

​During the year, we had to read to books of our own choice. Then, we had to write a book review about what we thought about the book, our favorite parts, and if we would recommend it to people. I picked the book Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. Here is the book review. 

            The book I read was ‘I Am An Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World.’ by Eve Ensler. Eve Ensler is also the write of the ‘Vagina Monologues’, which was a bestseller. She received many awards for being an activist, Vagina Monologues, and some screen plays that she directed.

Basically, the book is made up of about 35 vignettes/stories that are fictional but inspired by girls around the world and their problems. There isn’t a main character but there is a conflict. The conflict is the way the world sees girls. The fact that girls are not able to speak, taken seriously, or allowed to have any right in controlling their life. The book is about showing people what girls have to go through and the real thoughts.

I don’t have a favorite character in the book but I do have a favorite vignette.

My favorite is ‘My Short Skirt’ which is about why girls wear short skirts. This is my favorite because it states the real reasons why girls my age where short skirts. “My short skirt is not an invitation, a provocation, an indication that I want it or give it or that I hook.”. “My short skirt is happiness. I can feel myself on the ground. I am here. I am hot. My short skirt is a liberation flag in the women’s army. I declare these streets, any streets, my vagina’s country.” I think this quote means that a short skirt is celebrating the fact that she is a women and talking about how women rule the world. Women rule the world because we have vaginas, we can give birth to all the children in the world, without us there wouldn’t be any. These paragraphs are my favorite because I connect to them the most. Also, they are universal for all girls that usually wear short skirts, with the expectation of some girls. I think people should take away the life of girls and how they are. Also, those men can find out that women are just as important in society as men are.

I can relate to many vignettes, for example, ‘What Don’t You Like About Being Girl?’, ‘I Dance (I-III)’, ‘Things I Heard About Sex’, and ‘What Do You like About Being A Girl?’.  I can relate to these stories because they are things that came up in my life and things I have thought about. Also, the paragraphs in the each vignettes there is at least two that I have talked to my friends or family about. I have done some of the things, for example, instead of dancing, I would sing. Even though I sing horribly, it would help me feel alive and go into my own place just like drawing would too. Another thing is that they had vignettes called ‘Would You Rather?’ which was two girls at a sleepover. One of the girls is asking the other girl questions and then girl isn’t answering the questions because they are just really out – there questions. I have done that with my friends and they ask really crazy questions and I don’t even try to answer them. I have felt some of the things that the characters did too. I feel that men don’t care about women’s feelings and that my views on things weren’t listened too before.

            I love this book. I am deeply, utterly, and totally in love with this book. I think the whole book is empowering but, mostly toward women. The book is good that is talking about the trouble within the women society. I think it would be better if that were connected to men because then men can change their ways. Also, they would learn about women society. Even though, men created most of the problems today for women. Men need to know about the way women are suffering. I wouldn’t change anything in the book, actually. I love the book that much and I think it should be appreciated in its original form.