End Of The Year Digital Portfolio - Reflection

My portfolio shows that I am hardworking 9th grader. I had trouble in getting the grades that I wanted but I was still passing. As the year went on, I got better and better at writing papers and getting A’s on benchmarks.  

I think my strengths in English are coming up with ideas for papers. I would pick topics that no other person would pick to write about, or I would come up with reasons that no other people would even think about having. Also, I tend to be different that everybody else, so I bring different ways of doing things.

I think my weaknesses in English are participating in class and writing papers sometimes. Also, reading aloud in class.  I am always scared in all classes that I will say the wrong answer or that my idea is stupid, so I don’t say it. I would always try to get A’s on my papers in English, but it never worked out well. I would always get B’s, when I tried so hard to A’s. Reading aloud is very hard for me, the fact that everybody is listening to me read, scares me. I will get nervous and then mess up reading.

I would work on writing better, reading aloud, and not being so shy in front of class. I would work on being more confident about my answers and ideas so, I could say it to the class. I would work on reading aloud by reading to my friends or family. I would work on my writing by proofreading my work more than once and then give it to the teacher to read. So finally, I could get it to be an A.
I had issues with correcting my papers from the teacher’s comments. I never know what to change. I just sit there and look at the essays and think about what I should change. It is annoying. So, I go home, sit down, and really look at them. I realize what I need to change and then I proofread. The outcome is better essays than before. When I go through my old work, I just wondered why I would write something so weird. I feel like I matured in my writing because I think what I use to write is just goofy.
The piece that I am most proud is the ‘The Odyssey Compare and Contrast Essay’. This was the Quarter 3 benchmark and it was the highest grade I received on ANY of the benchmarks. I’ve always had a difficult time in English, getting B’s mostly on my essays or missing parts that were missing on all my benchmarks. This benchmark was different; I let a whole bunch of my peers read it. They all came to conclusions that it was too boring and that I should change everything, 3 days before the benchmark was due. I stood my ground and didn’t change anything. I was proud that I could write something so long and descriptive, so I turned it in. I received a 92%, 92% was higher than all my friends’ grades. They wanted me to change it; if I had changed then the grade would’ve been lower. I didn’t change it and I toped all their grades. I toped my own grades for the benchmarks. I was so immensely proud that I could get a 92% in English.