Enemy of the State

-how the government is portrayed in the film?
* The government is portrayed as the enemy. They are killing people for no reason and destroying peoples lives. They are seen to be creeping into peoples personal live. They seem to have no life to be following someone like this over a crime that was never in there hand. I feel as though they could have been the bigger person, and sat down with Will Smith to have a professional meeting.

-how individual citizens' privacy is respected?
* Their privacy is not respected. They have sneaked into peoples homes and posted cameras around all of their homes. It seems creepy to me that people are hovering over someone and finding out al of there business. 

-your opinion on level of access the govt should have to your personal info?
* I think that on a scale of 1-10 I would give the government an 4. I would say enough to know where we live, work, and the bills that we pay. Anything else like who we talk to, where we shop, how much money we spend and have shouldn't be none of there business. 
-when individual freedoms can/should be restricted for safety of community?
*Only when you have proof on hand such as on paper, video, person, or photo. Therefore you can get a secured warrant and conduct the correct procedure correctly.