Enemy of the State

​In the film Enemy of the State the government was portrayed as nefarious, corrupt and just plain old evil. They would stop at nothing to clear their own names and get their way, like destroy innocents peoples reputation/life and even murder. This is horrifying to think that taxpayers money is going to personal problems and not towards actual crime or education. 

In the movie nothing was off limits regarding privacy, for example they put trackers on Will Smith and even vandalized him house to cover up their tracks. Also in the movie they put cameras everywhere in his house and sat outside of his house keep in mid that none of this was with permission or notice. In the movie respecting privacy was basically unknown, which is a little terrifying. 

It is difficult to say how much information the government should know about me, but i know it should never go to the extremes of this movie. I feel like it should not be that easy to run a whole investigation on someone, like they did to Will Smith. I feel that the government should have the abilities to use this technology on criminals, but the only way to get hold of this technology should be by a step by step basis. I feel that the person they are following should be yelling terrorist threats/ plans before they can totally invade and incriminate someone.

I don't feel that safety should be a factor for restricting rights, but if it must I would rather have freedom of speech than be safe. I should not have to be limited in my freedom of speech or freedom to practice religion, everyone deserves the right to express and feel the way they want as long as it does not hurt anyone. Their will always be violence and unsafe times, but life isn't worth living if you're voice was never heard.