Enemy of the state

In the movie enemy of the state the goverment isn't really portrayed as good or bad it is more of the nsa being shown as this monster with to much power.  They use there power to kill off or try and kill off any one who gets in there way of trying to get the "bill" aka patriot act passed. In this movie if the nsa thinks that an individuals is up to something they have no privacy at all.  From cameras being put in there smoke alarms to there air vents to mics in clothing every movie and sound they make the goverment will know about it.  It is scary to think about that you are not even alone in you own home. I think that the goverment should have some kind of accesses but no where near the accesses that they have in this movie.  But I don't think that the people in the movie where aloud to have that kind of accesses the reason being during the meeting when there is a mic found in the hotel room the guy talking says something like when i find out who did this they wont have a job something was said along those line.  I don't think that our freedom should ever have restrictions at all.