English 9, Dunn, Macbeth Creative Piece.

​This project was about a novel written by Shakespeare called,, "Macbeth." My ninth grade English class had to write about a character in the book and explain the journey of that character. Once we finished that portion, we had to create a creative showing the journey of that person. For my written part I discussed the downfall of Macbeth. I said, “Macbeth”, MacBeth is a noble and innocent man, until he learns his fate and tries to define his own destiny." My creative portion is a poem describing his journey and how he go to his downfall. For my process, it was somewhat hard. I only say that because I really didn't know what to do until about two days before. There weren't really any difficulty except starting my paper. I couldn't chose what I wanted to write about. I overcame that by asking my teacher for some help. I am most proud of my hard work because I know that I put time into both portions. If I could do anything differently, I would chose Lady Macbeth because it would be fun to tell her story. I learned a lot from my classmates presentations. I learned that there is a lot of ways to express the same opinion and that taking time out to do something is very important. I learned that I like to think a lot before I do anything. I realized I do this because I know that I need time and I want everything to be right. Overall, I really loved the project and I would do it again and again if I had to.
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