English and History Journals

​English Journal #8

A Story About Fall (Written by Jasmin, Jessica, Vannary, and Diamond):

    I walked out of the front door from school in my flip-flops and thin dress, It was a shock right in the face when the cold wind blew right at me. I didn’t realize that summer was over and now it was fall. It wasn’t going to be warm anymore, and I forgot what it felt like to be cold. I walked four blocks to the bus stop. As I walked on the bus, I saw people with hoodies and long sleeved shirts. I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t stop thinking about how cold it was going to be this winter. I felt uncomfortable on the bus filled with people in their warm clothes. Suddenly 2 black males about 6 feet tall pulled out firearms and started letting loose on everyone, they stole boul rolex and hijacked the bus. Then the cops came. They blew 2 L’s and went rambo on the cops. 32 police officers perished.


English Journal #14

In what ways is our environment civilized?
In what ways are we not?

We have rules that we follow.
Morals and beliefs are set in place.
We don’t behave like animals
We have a language that we communicate with.
We have laws and rights.

Lack of communication
Hatred and Prejudice


English Journal #43

“One Boy Told Me” - Naomi Shihab Nyi

4 Lines:
My tongue is a car wash for the spoon.
Mould you be scared?
I never want to minus you.
I do and don’t love you.

Choose a Line and start writing your own poem:

Would you be scared?:

Would you be scared?
Would you be scared if
your most precious memories
couldn’t be remembered?

Would you be scared if
the one you hated the most
disappeared forever?

Would you be scared if...
someone told you that
there is a limit to happiness
in this world?