English Journal #21: "I Wear The Mask"

​There's a mask that I wear all the time.

That mask that I use to hide the real me inside. To cover my face that has these deep indents like pot holes from the tears that constantly ride down my cheeks day in and day out.

I wear the mask.

The mask that extends not only on my face but over my whole body 'cause I have too much insecurity to be me. To wrap around my arms and wrists to hide the lingering cuts that stain my skin like tire tracks 'cause I took that pair of scissors to deep.

I wear the mask.

It travels out of my mouth and my hands and covers the words and phrases that I know I can’t say aloud without someone clicking their tongue or taking their dialect up three octaves.

I sensor.

Letting the mask covers and translate what I want to say into something acceptable for these ears to listen to and take in.

I am covered by the mask.