English Journal #23 – Write about a time when you had an experience with something foreign

During Spring Break of 2011, my mom planned a vacation to Universal Studios in Florida. The problem was, we were driving instead of taking of a plane. So that meant sitting in a car for about 1,000 miles. Luckily it's the 21st Century and we have a GPS. The problem was, at about the 750th mile, technology failed on us. So as we we're passing through Savannah, we hit a detour. The GPS didn't notify us of the situation, we had to get off of I-95. As we pulled off the highway, we stopped at a Bojangles Restaurant to ask for directions. While they were explaining, we were understanding about 5% of it, due to the tense, strong southern dialect. So from there we went driving around Savannah trying to find our way back to the highway so we could proceed with our trek. 300 more miles to go.