English Journal Entree

​Why do humans so often treat each other badly?
Sometime people just don't understand what it means to be a human. 
I think that humans treat each other like trash, some people do bullying,
some are to be racist to others. There are people who treat others badly   

based on their looks or maybe even based in their culture. People become 
disrespectful just to catch the people attention and isn't able to change there               
attitude. There was a reason why we were made into this world, to change 
the lives of others and not create violence.  

What different things change this cycle of negative behavior towards others.

We'll first, people change all the time. Once you get to know a person. 
Later in life they become to change slowly, from becoming to being nice to a cruel 
person. As a friends with another person, you call each other best friends,
but then as people change along the social media. You realize, who were your true friends and who wasn't. Becoming friends and letting go, can go along with how humans often humans treat each other badly.