English Macbeth Project

1. My project is a thought map, or visualization illustrating my essay. It uses my essay’s ideas and illustrates them with a whiteboard animation. I thought this would be a good idea because it summarizes all of the thoughts from my essay, and allows me to show them in a short and entertaining way.

2. I first made an outline of all the important concepts of my essay, in order of where they went chronologically. Then, I illustrated each concept. After that, I filmed myself drawing the concepts on a whiteboard, fast forwarded it, and set it to music.

3. I had difficulty with deciding how to best represent each of my concepts with illustration. I had to choose out of a variety of possible ideas for each thought.

4. I am most proud of how entertaining/ interesting I was able to make my project. The responses from my classmates were generally positive, and they found it fun to watch. If it is fun to watch, that means they paid attention to it. If you make something that people want to pay attention to, they will learn the information that is being presented.

5. If I did the project again, I would make each idea more fleshed out. I felt like I didn’t explain each idea clearly enough, or had enough information with each idea. I would also add voice over to verbally explain the ideas I was trying to represent.

6. I learned that there are many creative ways to present information and ideas, such as song lyrics and tunes, sculpture and other image mediums, and rap.

7. I learned that I am able to make an effective, yet somewhat entertaining, and most importantly understandable presentation that people are willing to watch.