English Portfolio- Book Review

One book report that is the one I did for Jason & Kyra. This book is about 2 African-American teenagers who are in love. This book tells about hard it was for them to keep a relationship. To me it showed how some teenagers actually have to live.

Title: Jason & Kyra

Author: Dana Davidson





This book is a love story about two African- American teenagers who have a relationship. The story takes place in the Detroit area.  Their names are Jason and Kyra. Jason is one of the most popular boys in school and plays on the basketball team. Kyra is a girl who has less popularity status then most teenagers, she is very smart and focuses on school at all times. The two never hung out or anything of that nature because of they were in two different social classes; but all that will change. Jason and Kyra are paired together for a project. As they worked on the project they both started to see a side of each other that wasn’t there before. As time went on they fell in love and started to date. Jason’s ex-girlfriend Lisa is very upset by this. All throughout the book she finds ways to break them up. But despite all the rumors and hatred they received in the end of the book they stayed together.

There is person vs. person conflict. It’s Jason & Kyra against almost everybody. People are either jealous of their relationship or just want them to break up. Most of this is coming from Lisa; Jason’s ex. She spreads rumors and even attempts to personally make Kyra break up with him.

My favorite character is Jason. I say this because even when everyone was telling him that she wasn’t good for him he didn’t listen. Jason is the type of boy who could have anyone and anything, but he went with his heart. His ex-girlfriend was trying and trying to get him to go back with her, but Jason wanted no parts. He had Kyra and that’s what he stuck to; despite what people said or thought.

I believe that there is a very good lesson that can be learned from this story. It showed that no matter what to always follow your heart. Readers should take away the message I believe the author was trying to deliver. Love never fails. Those if your heart and mind are telling you to do something then do it.


I could relate to Kyra in this story. There was a boy that I really liked. He was very popular and every girl liked him or wanted him. I figured that there was nothing special about me that he would like. But as we got to know each other we started developing feelings for each other. There have been many times where I have also felt like Kyra. At times I’ve felt like some things that were given to me or happened to me were too amazing to be true.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Some strengths of this book is that it is very interesting. From the moment I picked up the book I didn’t want to put it down. A weakness of this book is that it is a “typical” teenage love story. It’s the love story that you would expect to read about. If I could change anything in this book it would be to incorporate another character that was strongly against their relationship besides Lisa.


I would recommend this book to other people. Even though it is a love story the message that the story delivers can be used in all aspects of your life.