English Portfolio- Journal Entries

·      Journal Entry 1: The Journal entry I feel like I had a very strong response was on the one that asked how do we know whether somebody an adult and how do we know. I answered by saying that a person is never finished fully growing, that someone being an adult should be based off their maturity level and how well they handle responsibilities, not on age.

·      Journal Entry 2: This prompt asked us if we had a fresh start on one part of our life what would it be. Surprisingly I answered none. I believe that everything happens for a reason, we might not see the purpose for it because we’re only human. There are some things in our life that we have done that we are not proud of, but whatever I did on yesterday makes me who I am today.

·      Journal Entry 3: This prompt asked have we ever faced a situation where we wanted something from someone but instead of coming out and asking we pursued it by indirectly asking. I do all of this way too much. I am not the type of person who likes to ask for things unless I have to. The example I used is how I ask my mother for money. I don’t like asking her for things at all so instead of me just asking her I will beat around the bush for hours until I can finally get out what I want to ask.

·      Journal Entry 4: The last journal entry I will share is the one where I feel I had the strongest response. It was the one when we were reading Kindred, and Ms. Finlay asked the question how did it make us feel to see the word nigger used in the book. I told about how the word itself makes me sick. It reminded me of how far America has come and how much farther we still need to come. I explained how for over 400 years African-Americans have been discriminated against and it is still going on. How the word nigger has been changed to nigga and it has a whole new meaning, it no longer is an offensive term but a term that means brother; friend.