English Portfolio- Reflection

Reflection: This portfolio shows how I changed as a 9th grade student and also how much fun and passion I have when I do these projects. I have many strengths and weaknesses when its come to English. Some of my strengths are that I can be very creative and write a lot of great content into my work. Some weaknesses are that I get frustrated and give up to easily, so I don’t always put out my best work. I still would like to work on becoming a better writer, a skill that I have not fully grasped yet. It was hard for me to go back and fix things where I really didn’t see where I made errors. It was weird and humorous to go back and see how I used to write to how I write currently. The piece I am mostly proud of is the Macbeth Creative Project where I made the poem. I am very good at rhyming so me doing that project was very fun. Overall I am pleased by my portfolio.