Environmental Crisis. No? Yes! - Op Ed

My father always said he would love to live in Florida, but he didn’t like the idea of alligators and scorpions. So for all the Philadelphians who go through the terribly cold winter, wouldn’t it be nice to have a glimpse of Florida where we live? That sounds pretty amazing. Yet in reality it’s just a repeat of history.  

We all remember learning about the revolutionary war. But do we all remember learning about the mini ice age going on during the time of the war? And what about the warming period? I don’t think anyone can remember that. But it’s true. There was another period of when the earth could only take so much solar radiation and in result had global warming. In effect to global warming, the earth had a mini ice age, in which it was indeed freezing during the summer as well as winter. 

NASA has recently stated that over the last 100 years the climate change for hot weather has went up to .80 Degrees Celsius. NASA has also looked into the time frame of 2005-2011 at the amount of carbon dioxide concentration in the air. It has gone from 378 to 392. 

This carbon dioxide creates a thicker ozone layer in which traps the solar radiation that enters Earths hemisphere, and stays inside! With so much radiation, what do you feel the Earth will do? Go from a warming period to a cooling period. Great reasons for the Carbon Dioxide would have to come from burned fossil fuels. 

People continuously burn these fuels in order to have the energy we need to support our modern life styles. But it also only causes trouble for the earth’s layer of protection. Not only does carbon dioxide thicken the layer, but also other chemicals in the air deteriorates the layer in which is the result of the hole we have it in now. 

Many people find Global Climate Change not a very large problem because if the earth warms and our fresh water ice caps melt, then eventually earth will cool everything back up and the fresh water will be there and our ozone layer will be fine. Blah, Blah, Blah.

No. They’re wrong. It won’t be fine. This earth is our life and our being of which we survive. Energy might not be the simplest to try and fix but it’s a large step to a better future. People only see the face of this problem and the fact that Philadelphia may one day feel like Florida. Yet in reality, Philadelphia will one day feel like Alaska and smell like the pollution from Los Angeles, California. 

Support our living with energy conservation and better ways of production. Like saving up so your kids can use solar power or wind and water. Such things are expensive but with hard work and great minds, it can be achieved.