Ep.2 of Purple Podcast (Mo, Brielle,Saniyyah, Kayla, David)

In episode 2 we talked about all the different lens to view this book from which this book is plentiful of symbolism and talking points considering the time period it was written in, this is the link to the video


“I don’t write to God no more. I write to you”(pg 192)

“Anyhow, I say, The God I been praying and writing to is a man. And act just like all the other men I know Trifiling, Forgitgul, and Lowdown,”(pg 192)

“Shug say, Us each other’s people now, and kiss me”(pg 183) (shugs a woman just context for this quote and the how we talk about her in the book)

Screenshot 2021-01-16 112058
Screenshot 2021-01-16 112058