Equaltiy in our world/country

    We’ve all heard the phrase “Life’s not fair”, and it’s true! The same commercial to help desperate children comes up with the same 1-800 number everyday. For the small child in Africa it’s not fair. For the kid working in a sweatshop to make those clothes you’re wearing it’s not fair. For the guy waiting in-line at the store with his groceries it’s not fair. Go up to anyone in this planet and ask them what’s fair and not. Many responses you would get are insignificant, while other ones are the reason the world is the way it is.
    You have two kinds of people in this world that determine how it’s ran. The people with power and the people without power. And there has always been a conflict between these two since the beginning of the term “leader”. They are like your “Spy vs. Spy” and “Tom and Jerry”, everyone has seen them.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are your fighters:

    On this corner we have the stereotypical money making tycoon everyone wishes to be, the guy that owns the company that manufactured your TV, computer, phone, or ipod (or all of the above). Variants of this opponent include government officials, or anyone with the power to impact the world directly. 
    On the other corner is everybody else. By everybody I mean the electrician, the baker, the gardener, the candle stick maker (we have machines for that now), you know... everybody! Yes, you and I are in there too.
There’s an advantage to being “everybody else”... we’re not alone. Without you there’s nothing. Why do you think voting is such a big deal? The people have so much power, we don’t know it. There’s always going to be a power that is going to take advantage of our numbers and make money in his/her pocket, while we are left with the leftovers of society. We let the system classify us by the money we get from our backbreaking jobs. Low class, middle class, upper class, what is that all about? Is the person who makes 10x more money than my own father automatically a better person?
    The problem in the United States is how we run this country. I can assure you that there are countless things going on behind our backs. And they are things the people as a whole can fix. When “We the people” was written in the United States’s constitution, it was a vow to make things better as a whole country. We could go for a  social-political view like Marxism or such, that can give the people actual power in their government. Many of them are possible solutions to inequality in the world. Too many beliefs and righteousness is in jeopardy for other people for them to agree with this. All of us have to represent the equality of us all. I don’t want to be judged by the color of my skin, where I live, or how much money my parents make. I want to be judged by the things I do around me. That’s certainly not what’s happening around us. We the people of the United States of America won’t be looked as profit for others, but a representation of how a society can work as a whole, co-operating.