Eric Gorski Capstone

For my Capstone I chose to design a solar powered electric bicycle. The design Is different from a normal bicycle. This is because the seat has a back to it to help with posture. Also to work the bike there are accelerate and brake pedals. However, due to the fact that my bike is designed for people with physical disabilities, instead of having the pedals be used like a car by the rider moving their ankle my design has it so the rider uses their entire leg to push the whole pedal forward.
I started with drawings of my design, then I built a small scale model out of Legos. After that I started building a full scale model out of wood. However, I was unable to finish this in time for this deadline because I was only taking pictures of the finished product at each stage I do not have any proof that I did the full scale model at this time. While doing my Capstone I learned that designing something that someone would not think is that complicated, like a bicycle, is actually very hard to do.