Eryn James Process Paper for Q3 Benchmark

Our group worked on a website to inform people about Child Abuse. We used a multitude of directions to come from that would help us get people to take the time to look at our website and just for people to understand the problem at hand. One portion of the project that I personally worked on was the media portion. We decided, as a group, that we should use images to show people what child abuse looked like on the outside so that they would take the initiative to go and find out what abuse does to children on the inside. So my job was to find images that I thought would have a hold on people after they saw them.

Challenges for us as a group was finding the time out side of class to communicate with each other and to focus while in class.  In class we’d get off task and start having a conversation about child abuse or an image I found or a statistic or something but in the end we found a way to incorporate the information form the conversation into our website. At other times we’d totally get off task and start talking about other things that had nothing to do with the project. Personal challenges I had was trying to find a sufficient amount of pictures that didn’t look cheesy or that had the effect that I wanted it to have on our viewers. Another personal challenge I had was being absent one of the days we had to work when we only had a few days to work on the project.

Successes that we had as a group was that when we all put our heads together we came up with really good ideas and found really good information to compile onto our website. We all brought some effective input to the table when we were brain storming on the project. We all also gave an equal amount of effort and support during the project as well as had a good time working with each other, in my opinion. Personal success that I had was pulling my own weight on the project and not asking for unnecessary help. Also, coming up with good ideas and pitching them to the group was a success I had. I also over came one of my weaknesses in group work; I wasn’t distant and I took the initiative in communicating with my group.