Esports and Economy

Sean DeSilva
Ms. Pahomov
English 3
2 November  2017
       People have been playing sports competitively as a tradition for a very long time. E-sports however, is a new side to competitive sports. It’s the new generation of sports. E-sports is competitive gaming that involves professional gamers to compete and be the best of the best, while thousands to millions of spectators watch. The idea of broadcasting populated online games to the public, taking high ranked players of said game and putting them in major tournaments which could decide their future in the esports scene is something out of the ordinary. People of many ages are hooked on this concept, wanting to support their new found love and get involved with it. However,  well known markets want to take that for advantage because they want a new involvement from other people as well. 
       When something new is introduced to a large amount of people, there will be many to take interest to said “new” persona. For example, when the esports scene was introduced not too long ago, gamers and fans alike all got together to support this idea. Big market companies always want to find a way of getting involved with things that that would receive them notice. The database from Newzoo touches on the subject of the fan base. The study states that “52% of sports fans are aged between 21 and 35 years old and 20% of them are between 10 and 20 years old according to a study by Newzoo.” This finding shows how the growth of esports can come to be. From a wide variety of ages, esports can gain recognition due to the interest all  ages can convey. This recognition can also bring in notice outside factors, that may benefit the growth of esports and the teams in the esports scene as well. 
       Global publicity is also an influential factor for the growth of esports. For example, Europe would have a lot of global publicity when it comes to esports in the EU scene. Well known franchises such as FC Schalke 04 and Paris Saint Germain are reputable franchises in Europe. This may foreshadow the constant participation within esports from major franchises to strengthening one another's reputations. According to this article, “Leodelimajr. ‘Investing in the Growth of eSports (with images) · leojunior.’ Storify,” it displays a linear relationship between the global publicity for esports and the recognition received to the profiteers as well as the esports scene in general. Taking an indepth look into this, there is a noticeable far-reaching majority of people who watch these esport events. Due to the article's framework of data, a variety of companies may take notice in the exponential growth of esports.  Due to the article's framework of data, a variety of companies may take notice in the exponential growth of esports. This form of recognition may be beneficial for both parties. For example, if said company notices a well known team in the esports scene, the team's fan base may take notice in the company’s investment and support that side of the party as well. 
       When these said major markets are involved with esports, they contribute a large amount for the teams or organizations they’re willing to work with. Contributions such as investing millions into the team's, buying equipment and managing players are a few of the vast things markets do when involved with esports.  Due to the article's framework of data, a variety of companies may take notice in the exponential growth of esports. This form of recognition may be beneficial for both parties. Recognition is a major part in the financial incline of esports due to outsiders being involved with it. The word ‘outsiders’ signifies the rest of the majority that isn’t fully hooked or invested into esports morally. There are people who conclude that esports isn’t a traditional way of sports. Which is true. As stated before, esports is unfamiliar and original. When something new is introduced there is the occasional controversy. The same rule is applied to esports. 
       There will be the occasional “esports shouldn’t exist” type of people. With time, as esports grows it would much more common concept. A way in which the ‘outsiders’ of esports would get involved would be from the publicity that regular sports team produce. According to this article, “Why Pro Teams Invest In esports.” The Next Level, 16 Mar. 2017,  it’s made evident that sports teams have many other justifications for their involvement with esports. One reason for this phenomena is marketing. The article states “McCullough has seen Misfit fans who are Heat fans and are excited they have an NBA team they can root for and Heat fans who are eSports fans come to the forefront.” Misfits is an esports team in in Europe with the NBA team is the Miami Heat in the U.S. The quote stated shows how both fans of each respective team supports one another. This allows both teams to have an influx in publicity and fan base growth. 
       There are two variables in the growth of esports. One being the major franchise or brand the other being the competitive game or team. They feed into one another, allowing both parties to receive benefits due to the franchise or brands investment or recognition in it. While the competitive game or team's fan base gives understanding to the investment. Supporting one another allows both facilities to grow. Although non-gamers might not think that esports matters much, its influence goes beyond the silly games to publicizing esports to major franchises and brands, ultimately increasing the number of beneficial outcomes for both parties. This shows how the publicity received from the esports genre can feed into the major franchises or brands because of one another's well known stance. Proving how major franchises or brands find it as a necessity to associate themselves with something 'new,' because it can and will lead to successes for both sides. 

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