Ethan Halprin Podcast

My goal for this assignment was to create an interview that was interesting and expressed my interviewees ideas clearly, as well as making them feel comfortable and sound good.  The theme of my interview is tied around morals and how to treat people.  I recorded an interview with my dad originally where we talked a lot of politics and religion, however that became one of my struggles for the project when it got deleted.  The interview I am turning in is an interview with my mom.  I learned from the first interview how to ask guiding questions and questions based on the previous response, and I think that went well in my mom’s interview.  I also learned a little editing, and an understanding of how difficult conducting a quality interview is (seriously, I think it is hard).  I wish I could have sounded more upbeat at times, but my voice was feeling weird (also why you hear some sniffles throughout).  Still, I am glad I had the opportunity to do this project because I actually learned about both my parents and earned some new skills moving forward.