Interview Participant - Anthony  Buchanico

Q: Who did you interview for your project?
A: "For my 10-20-30 I interviewed my brother, mother and uncle.

Q: What was the most challenging part for you in your project?
A: "I definitely thought finding the articles was the most challenging part."

Q: What bands did you use for the project?
A: I used the bands Motley Crue, The Steve Miller Band and the Kinks."

Q: Where did you obtain your articles?
A:From the following

Q: Why did they say that they liked that music?
A: They said that it was the popular music at the time.

Q: Do you think that the taste in music has changed since that time?
A: Yes, I believe that music has change dramatically in the 25-35-45 years.

Q: What is the strongest part of your project?
A: The Design.

Q: What is the weakest part?
A: The process....