Ethnomusicology Danielle Little & Quinn Bianchi-Lawson (Shadow)

Danielle Little

Quinn: What is Ethnomusicology?
Danielle: Ethnomusicology is the study of music. You can study the time and history of all types of music.

Quinn: What questions did you ask about Ethnomusicology?
Danielle: I wanted to find out, why music has so much history to it. Why did songs have call & response.

Quinn: What was the most fun part of the whole project?
Danielle: For me, i liked searching for songs that i thought had a meaning to that time period till now.

Quinn: What was the hardest part you encountered during the project?
Danielle: The articles were the hardest part. Trying to find an article that relates to Africian-Amercian history and music history.

Quinn: Is there anything extra you wanted people to know about the project?
Danielle: Music has more to do with the lyrics. There is a story in every artist songs, either if its the history or a fairytale there is a story.