Ethnomusicology Reflection- Katherine Hunt



For a study of ethnomusicology, our job was to interview three people. Those people had to be 10 years , 20 years, and 30 years older than us or that were alive in that time period. Our assignment was to figure out what was their favorite songs from that time, and why. We also needed to add an event from each year. These necessary things were described as to how they were relevant and how the music as well as the articles influenced African American History.  

Reflection: Much effort on my part was done in order to complete my Wikispace considering the contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity (also known as CARP). What was most challenging was trying to figure out what how to align to songs so that they would fall under the category of proximity. The data on the articles was limited because 2/3 of the articles, necessary for viewing had to be purchased. Therefore, a brief summary of the summary that was given is what I was able to provide. 

If anyone would have liked to purchase the articles, a link was added. The things that were simple were interviewing people, even though it took me a while to figure out who I was potentially going to interview. With this in mind, adding the audio files was not a challenge at all. Although there were many parts that were challenging when doing this project, there was much application of knowledge possible.