eupd: 5 minutes of science

The Science aspect of this disorder involves psychological and emotional impairment. Recent research has shown that 1.6% of the population has BPD. BPD or EUPD (emotionally unstable personality disorder) is a mental illness defined by deeply enduring patterns of distress, social dysfunction, and self-destructive behaviour. It causes one to be out of control of their own feelings and urges to harm themselves due to the hurt within and a messed brain and past. Symptoms include emotional instability, feelings of emptiness, intense emotions, insecurity, social isolation, compulsive and impulsive behavior, dangerous and self-destructive behavior, and self-harm. Reasons why an individual may have this disorder maybe because of genetics, brain chemical and development problems, and also environmental factors. In terms of brain chemicals, serotonin is a chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance, and a deficit of this can lead to depression. Victims may also have Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and thoughts of suicide.  It is ever hard for individuals to control their destructive urges due to this disorder altering levels of serotonin of the brain.

This disorder impacts society by influencing all of the medical fields that study mental illness. This mental illness is now becoming more common due to it being a serious mental illness with the chance of someone having it becoming a more higher population percentage. Statistics say women are more prone to have eupd than men by a ratio of 3 to 1. This disorder is simply something that affects humans... the individuals that have this everything they do will be affected by this disorder. As well affects their relationships, with the fear of abandonment and self-doubt. However this disorder has helped society understand the human brain more and people with this mental illness.  

 I myself suffer with this disorder and whilst being such way i’ve never known what was wrong with me, why I’ve felt to have such strong urges to harm myself with unstable emotions, so I’ve learned to grow and understand myself more with this disorder. My thoughts on having this is truly of the unbearable but I’m slowly finding hope and receiving treatment.