Evolution and Co-Evolution

We have heard about evolution being the change of a specific species over a period of time, this is caused by natural selection. Some have been extinct and some have been mandated to change in order to change to survive. However, do they affect one another in how they changed we call this co-evolution and in order to keep things in order.

Co-evolution is how to species coexist in order to survive because no matter what species we are talking about we know that at one time it has caused another to either species to change the natural selection of another. Such as the common example of predator vs. prey:




Birds and plant coexist because one can’t survive without the other, with a bird who eats the flower or fruit from the plant, they get the nourishment they need in order to survive, while the plant started to produce regurgitating seeds for which the bird had to evolve, so the plant would find a way to share its seeds to grow more plants. They evolved to different types of birds to make sure they know where the plant would be.