Evolution of Hair: Why are humans in comparison to other mammals, not completely covered in hair?

Humans are known to be of a complex species, however it is no mystery that Homo sapiens (humans) are also categorize as mammals. There are many components and characteristics that define a mammal; hair being on of them. Epidermal in origin, hair is made up of a complex structure. Mammals are the only animals in which hair is found on. Even "hairless" mammals, such as pigs, elephants, dolphins, and other cetaceans (another word for marine mammals) are partially covered with fine short hairs. Hair has many functions within itself. The many functions of hair include the retention of heat, attraction of mates, protection of skin, sexual dimorphism, an absorption of sunlight and, in the case of pets, the elicitation of a protective response from humans (us). Now how is it that humans and animals, all mammals, differentiate in how the hair is actually presented on their bodies? Though humans are covered in hair completely, they are not covered to the extent that animals are. This is because mammal body hair is an evolutionary enigma.

The common belief of hair evolution is that hair evolved to help retain body heat since hair is an excellent heat insulator. But there is no conclusion as to which evolved first: hair or warm-bloodedness (endothermy). Researchers verbally combat between the two all the time. Most ‘Darwinists’ believe that humans evolved in Africa along with other primates, all of which were almost totally covered with thick fur (again, hair). As such, a common view is that now the body hair of men and women are purely vestigial, a useless evolutionary leftover from when we were ape-looking animals. Initially hair arose as surface insulation, retaining body heat in primitive mammalian endotherms.

The reason for the putative issue of human hair loss in evolution is still unknown, and all the explanations and reasoning proposed are contradicting.

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