Evy Nielson Capstone.

Originally my capstone project was about making prom dresses, but due to the circumstance I was unable to gather the materials needed to finish. I decided to change my focus on eyelash extensions due to its popularity gain in the beauty industry. I've never done eyelash extensions before, so I decided to start from scratch. I learned independently by watching the process on youtube. I followed a professional lash trainer's tips for eyelash extensions and got familiar with the techniques used. Since I have relatives in the beauty business I was fortunate to have all the materials needed to get me started. After becoming familiar with the process, my mom allowed me to practice on her. Through this experience I learned what motivates me in the beauty business, and I learned to have more patience. The entire process took 2-3 hours per session. If I had more time and without this circumstance I would have interviewed different people in the beauty industry to give their take on how a small change like eyelash extensions can transform someone's confidence. The main goal of this capstone was to find my passion in beauty and take this with me to my future career. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sqvuS9QetFAZx1Pyp2mNR-veBifmQbKwKJX8FEdls88/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sqvuS9QetFAZx1Pyp2mNR-veBifmQbKwKJX8FEdls88/edit