Eyewitness Testimony

Eyewitness testimonies refers to people who have witnessed a crime. They usually have to give a description of what happened at the crime and who they remembered were involved.  The problem with eyewitness testimonies is that they are not always accurate or true.

Based in the case study that BBC produced. A  short experiment was filmed, where they played out a fake murder and they have 15 people witness someone getting stabbed then later dying. They took those people to asked them about what they had remembered about that incident that afternoon. Based on the results of what people had said, no one really remembered what happened and everyone missed or added details. What was shocking was the fact that some people said things that they thought happened but did not actually occur. They also put the same eyewitnesses into a room with the victim and the two suspects. The rest of the people who innocent and random people. The majority of the eyewitnesses believed that #2 was the suspect or they believed that he was at the scene. In fact he was one of the innocent men that they randomly put his photo there. So in conclusion it is very possible that your brain and what you remember is always accurate.

I think that personally this topic is very conflicting because there are cases and eyewitness testimonies all the time for cases like this. This could possibly lead to convicted or sending someone innocent to jail and letting the person who actually did the crime go free. I think that this has to do with witnesses being mislead. It is possible that based on how serious what they witness actually happened and if that affects them mentally. They could have anxiety which causes them to have mixed emotions and feelings. I think that possibly something like this could affect their memory. I think also a lot in cases there is a huge possibility that people have mistaken identification. I think that your brain tricks you into thinking someone or something was there when it really was not.

In this case, eyewitness statements and testimonies are not always accurate and reliable. 
However, they are still useful because they were the ones who saw and witnessed the crime so they were there when it happened. There are possibly ways to improve the accuracy I think. We could make sure that lineups are carefully looked over like certain characteristics or behaviors. But overall, eyewitness testimonies do play a big role in our justice system, so we have to make sure our brain remembers as much as it can to what really happened.

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChgPk2OiZCw