FAFSA!! - You're Welcome.


Click HERE to learn more about the Application Process Flow Chart for FAFSA.


To make things easier, we split up the applying process into two parts: electronic application and paper application. Fafsa is free and is for anyone looking to apply for financial aid. For Fafsa, Uyen and I decided to fill out the paper application, seeing as though we could not yet access the online version. The application was pretty straight forward and was extremely similar to the CSS form that I had to fill out for Ithaca College. Some colleges require it, while others don't. Because I had filled out that CSS form, filling out the Fafsa form was pretty easy. They asked te same questions that were based around my education, birth, and my parents tax forms. With these materials at hand, I just followed the questions and directions as best to my ability. The questions are not difficult to where you would not understand what they are asking but if I did not, I just asked my dad since he was more familiar with how tax reports are supposed to be read.

             If I were to change one thing about the bureaucratic process that we flowcharted, I would probably break down each step a bit more. Even though the flowchart gets to the point and is informative, some people may not understand it like we did. By adding more steps and information, it may be easier for the applicant to understand exactly what they need. For instance, we listed the materials at the top. If I were to change it I would go through the paper form again and at each primary step, mention that you will need this form, or you will need that form before you move on. That way, the applicant will not get lost in the process towards completing their application. I would not change much about the flowchart. We have different colors that distinguish each part of the process and arrows that take the applicant through each step.

  I do not think that it became complicated, I think that people made it more complicated then it actually was. Fafsa does not require much. It's simple if you have all the necessary materials and understand how it is supposed to be completed. Uyen and I did not have much trouble completing the application and although it does require much attention, as long as you are able to read and follow directions, the process would not be difficult. For any application, before it should be completed. However, people should know ahead of time that FAFSA is just like the free/reduced lunch at school. The less income your family receives, the more financial aid you are eligible for. Sure, everyone is technically eligible, but you are not guaranteed an immense amount of money unless you are truly needy.

  I liked this project. I would have rather been able to be a bit more creative with my final piece. I felt as though the whole idea of a flow chart had already been done and if we were to present these to SLA students, then we should use SLA styles toward creating our creative pieces. They could have been several ways to go about the process. Also, flow chart was being difficult at times, to a point where I would had rather draw my flow chart than use the online tool. Overall, being able to pick a topic that could definitely help me and my fellow classmates in the future was extremely helpful. I now know the steps towards completing one of the most important forms before I go to college and I know complete it correctly.