Fahrenheit 451 Podcast #2 Brainwashed


Written by Ray Bradbury and published in 1953, “Fahrenheit 451” tells the story of Guy Montag, a fireman whose job is to collect and burn books in a society where any feelings of discomfort from existential crises to mourning loved ones have been outlawed and the priority is happiness by any means necessary.

This podcast we will be discussing the characters, struggles, and world-building of “Fahrenheit 451” through a Marxist lens; with a focus on consumerism and the constant consumption of product, both material and mental.

Presented by the Fire 451 Squad: Zoe Kwas, Tayah Brunson, Isabella Torres, Hawa Diakite, and Cameryn Roach


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Lincoln Murray (Student 2021)
Lincoln Murray

I actually learned a lot from this! It kinda makes me wish I also read this book it seems like it touches on a pretty controversial topic within our society and shows a different standpoint than my own on this topic. I liked the environment you guys showed, yall were very friendly with each other and expanded on each other's points rather than bombarding the audience with your own. Good job guys