Family Ties

Every single person has different values, I interviewed members of my family (and Lexy) to see their specific views on their family, what they think those values are, and why they’re important for the family.



During this project I learned more about my family and the people around me that I interviewed. I learned their views on my topic and saw that we actually had a lot in common when it came to family values. I was expecting to have very different values from my family and friend, but it turned out that what we thought was important was actually very similar. Some of the unexpected challenges during this project, for me at least, was actually hitting the target length for the podcast, and then after that, adding the affects to it. I thought it was difficult because I’ve never done something like this before, I’ve played around with garage band but never to this extent. Another unexpected turn was that I couldn’t get the interview I needed from my grandmother, so I had to talk to the rest of my family about it. I had wanted a certain interview (the one that made me want to do this topic) but it turns out that my grandmother couldn’t see me in time to get it done, so I talked to my mother, my brother, and my dad instead to get some of their views in shorter stories, instead of my grandmother’s one long story. The crossing boundaries in my podcast I think were kind of different. It wasn’t a huge thing my family did, but just little things that crossed some kind of boundary. Kids being bullied, that made my dad realize his own values, and standing up for the kid being bullied, in some small amount, would be crossing a boundary, not giving in to peer pressure. I think that boundaries that came up in my podcast had to do with the little things my parents did that maybe went against what everyone else thought, and stood up for what they believed in. That tied in with my theme because generally, when they crossed some sort of boundary, they realized a value that they hadn’t seen before. 

Family Values

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Matthew Marshall (Student 2014)
Matthew Marshall

This is an interesting podcast. The music stopped at just the right times so I didn't notice it turned off. I liked the Idea and being able to interview many different people from different generations.