Favorite Stats Benchmark!

My favorite statistics benchmark over the course of my time in statistics was probably the most recent one that we did. I think it was my favorite because it gave us a chance to reflect on everything that we did in our time of statistics and put it into a sort of study guide that would help us in the future with any statistics we may use and even other math as well. For this benchmark we were required to go back throughout our time in statistics and put together a study guide filled with a few select things that we had learned and also topics in our freshman college math course which would we could use in the future for help. We had to inquire about our college math course and our curriculum in our college math course to be able to successfully complete this project. We researched the different topics we were going to do in or notebooks and past assignments/benchmarks, and could also use the internet as a place for ideas as long as we had original problems. We could collaborate with our other classmates if we needed help with anything. Most of us presented it in keynote form to Ms. Thompson but not the class as a whole. We sat down with Ms. Thompson and discussed what we thought the strongest and weakest points of our benchmark was and what we thought our final grade should be. I think this project as a whole was a reflection benchmark because it made us look back on everything we did in our time in this class and how we could/should apply to our lives by using it to study with.