Favorite Stats Benchmark

My favorite Stats BM would HAVE to be the third quarter benchmark. That benchmark was all about probability and the statistics of obtaining one object over the other. I always had a problem with keeping up with the math of certain probabilities but with that benchmark, it helped me keep up with it and not get so lost. Finding a way to be creative with the task was also a super fun way to keep me interested in the project. But the project seemed easy, which in some cases it was, but the only explanation for that is because the previous work before the benchmark was assigned helped me get a much better understanding and made me feel like I breezed through it. So overall, that benchmark gave me a well deserved understanding of probability.

Inquiry: Using two boxes or bags of Skittles; what are the probabilities of grabbing certain colors of Skittles out of a bag?

Research: Find the equation for obtaining one type of Skittle after another.

Collaboration: Get a few peers to grab a certain amount of Skittles for me.

Presentation: Using a keynote to show the probabilities of getting a certain color of candy/candies. Multiple slides will show the differences between two colors or
one color on its’ own.

Reflection: Reflect on if the probabilities are plausible and if the presentation could be better.