Introduction: My goals for this essay were to understand fear and for the reader to understnd fear. I am proud of my bigger idea. I think that my bigger idea is very detailed and gives enough of an explantion for the reader to understand. One way I would improve my essay is by formatting better.

Advanced Essay: It is a cold summer morning, in Ireland, the birds are chirping and I can hear the waves as they splash against the rocks. I was with my mom, brother, sister, and some extended family, we are planning on crossing this wooden bridge to get to an island. The bridge was wooden there is rope on each side holding the bridge up. Underneath the bridge is a huge drop in to the ocean and rocks. It was a windy day and the area was packed with tourists. As we wait in line I am thinking. What if the bridge breaks? What if the wind is too strong and I get knocked off? I am so nervous but I pull it together and continue waiting. While I wait I breathe in and out in and out. I can hear my heart rate go down. I finally get to the bridge, I cross slowly being very mindful of my surroundings. When I get to the other side I feel a lot of relief. I look around, I look at the grass,the sky and the ocean everything is so beautiful. The grass is so vast and untouched by any human. The sky was this light blue color. I was so amazed by the view. When me and my family head back we see a family crossing as I look up I see them jumping on the bridge. Suddenly my heart starts to get faster. I start to cry and worry about the worst things that could happen. My thoughts start to race. I say I can’t cross the bridge. I can’t get to the other side. My vision starts to get blurry and then I fall to the ground. Not being able to stand I lay there and start to breath, in out in out. I start to calm down, I get up and start walking. I look down and see my hand shaking as I grab onto the rope. I close my eyes and walk. When I opened my eyes I was back on the other side. In that moment I felt true relief. I felt fear that overwhelming emotion.

Fear is a very overwhelming emotion fear can make you do irrational things. Fear can make you have irrational reactions to situations. My personal experience with fear is one that involves me usually being anxious. When I am anxious I usually have a lot of thoughts racing through my head. Different scenarios that probably won’t happen but I can’t help but think they will.

Another experience I have with fear is this. I sit there parylazed with fear holding on to the tree for my life. I look out at the trees and the sky. It is a vast forest full of birds and other creatures. The sky is light blue and there are so many puffy white clouds. I can hear the ocean from a distance. I can hear the waves. I look down not realizing how high up we are. I finally turn around, I hear my mom yelling ,“go go”. I can't move, I start to zone out I hear my moms voice disappear slowly into the distance. I can finally think I can either zip line across or wait for someone to get me down. I wait, I look up then down then at my mom. She tries to get me to go, but I can't. I can't go knowing that I could possibly fall or worse. My thoughts are racing. I look at the line behind me waiting for me to go. I feel so bad for holding up these people. But I insist on still waiting for the person to get me down. Out of know where I see someone headed for me. Zipping through the trees. When he gets to me he tells me to get off the ledge. He switches my hooks and hooks me to the rope. He says he's got me. I push through my fear and let go. My hands are shaking as I step off the ledge. Then he starts to let the rope go and get me down. My eyes are closed the whole way down. When I feel the ground I opened my eyes. I feel so happy. I am so relieved to be on the ground touching the grass and being on a solid surface.

Fear is a very powerful emotion. In my personal experience fear has come up when I am anxious or nervous. Fear can impact your entire day, it makes you worry and overthink situations when there is no need to overthink. But there are coping skills to help you with it. One coping skill would be to breath in and out and to calm your mind down. You can use mindfulness to slow your mind and body down. It slows your body down by making you take a step back from the situation and breathe. This helps you slow your thoughts down and to be able to think clearly making your mindset turn into a more positive one. This helps you realize that this overwhelming emotion your feeling is just in your head and that it is just an emotion. An emotion that everyone experiences and has. Most people don’t realize this but thi powerful emotion is just an emotion and it is just in your head. When you realize this you can start to calm down reassure yourself that your okay, It is essential for others to turn negativity into positivity because it is important to maintain a happy life.