Feminist Film Review:

1.) I reviewed a movie called “Hancock” that was released July 2nd 2008. It’s about a raggedy superhero who protects the city of Los Angeles, but destroys everything around him when doing so. Once he saved the life of a public relations executive he starts to change as a person and he learns to have sympathy for others. When I tested the Mako Mori test and it passed! A woman by the name of Charlize Theron played a role in the movie and she becomes a main character. She is directly related to the main character, but has her own situation occurring throughout the movie

When thinking of my own anti-gender bias film test I would want:

     2a.)  A film with mostly women and maybe a male or two

     2b.)  Main characters consist of black women/girls

     2c.) Have to have women who play independent roles

The movie I reviewed doesn't meet my own anti- gender bias film test because it has mostly white characters and only one female. However, the woman playing in the movie does have somewhat of a lead which is important.