2FER #7

Sunflowers hold the meanings of adoration, loyalty and longevity. Yellow, the common colour of sunflowers, has many meanings; freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy. Sunflowers are meant to lift spirits, and bring happiness and joy to any person who sees them. They’re named after the sun, which is often associated with happiness and smiles all on its own. They’ve also been used a food source for thousands of years. Taking this into account, sunflowers should be recognized as the best, and most important flower.

Sunflowers, having originated in the Americas sometime in 1,000B.C., were used to supply food for anybody who needed it. When European explorers discovered the flower, they spread it throughout Europe and eventually the rest of the world. Everywhere across the entire world was talking about the beauty and usefulness of sunflowers. Today, the flowers seeds are used for cooking oil and margarine making, as well as being edible on their own. Their seeds alone provide a quick, cheap foodsource to people who need it. They’re nontoxic to the environment, and help prevent pollution while still producing food.

In some native cultures, Sunflowers have been used as religious symbols. They hold many meanings to different people, and their importance is worldwide. Sunflowers are known to help fight depression, as well. Not only are they the symbol of happiness, and the sun, the nutrients in their seeds raise Serotonin levels, which helps nerve function. It’s not clear if they can fully cure depression, as no one really knows if curing depression is fully possible, but they do help. Even if they’re not curing depression, in some organizations they’re used as a symbol of the fight against depression.

Sunflower seeds are also really great for physical health. While being nutrient and vitamin enriched, they’re full of healthy fats that help fight many diseases. They help reduce the risk of heart diseases, certain types of cancer, balances blood pressure, and combats bone conditions like osteoporosis. Their high vitamin E content also helps with skin health, and keeps the body healthy for much longer.

Sunflowers are beneficial in many ways, especially in a person’s mental and physical health. They have ties to religion, and provide natural and safe food sources with their seeds. People all over the world have been benefiting from the flower for thousands of years. For these reasons, they deserve to be recognized as the most important flower.


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This is my best 2Fer because it's about a topic I actually enjoyed writing about. Most of the 2Fer's have been written last minute, or in the moment, on topics I didn't really care about, or they were so rushed it didn't even make sense as to why I was writing them. This time, though, I actually enjoyed writing it, and I feel like I still could've done better but I'm happy with the end result.