2fer #7: Bees Misunderstanding

Many people don’t care about how bees are becoming extinct. They believe that they are just nuisance and that life would be better without them. Although this may be the case, people don’t think about the good things bees can provides for us. This is most likely because of how many people misunderstand how important bees are in the society and doesn’t realize that without them, humans wouldn’t be able to live long.

For those who may not know, bees are flying insects that collect pollen and nectar. There are about 20,000 species of them in which somes that stings and some that does not. As well as some bees who makes honey and some who does not. They are able to see every color, but the color red, have great sense of smell to get their way to the flowers they pollinate. The facts about bees are not really known because they are mostly known for what they are bad for.

Many people do not appreciate bees. From a blog Arizona exterminating co, it states how bees are known for being loud, having painful stings, destroying properties, being annoying and cause allergic reaction to others. There is always a time where someone experience the fear of getting sting or getting annoyed by the loud buzzing sounds continuously. Their stings are painful but they don’t always sting unless they think they are in danger, but some bees dies after they sting someone because they’re unable to take their barbed stinger back out. This includes their abdomen, digestive tract, nerves and muscle which kills the bees. This gives us some reason why many people may dislike bees because no one want their property destroyed and be annoyed to death by the sounds it makes. It’s possible that they dislike them and misunderstand what they dislike.  Besides these facts about how someone may misunderstand bees, bees are very essential for society.

Bees provides us with enough food. In BBC, it states how bees pollinate about 70 different types of crops that includes vegetables and fruit such as apple, mangos, peaches, grapes, etc. Some food for animals that are also consume by others. Bees provides us with honey and wax. In fact they make about 6,000 tonnes of honey as well as give the economy 400 millions dollars. Without bees, humans would not have enough of resources to feed themselves for a long time. Bees are disappearing globally and the cause is what humans don’t know they are doing.

Bees are dying rapidly from pesticides that people puts up to keep bees away from. This kills the bees. They are also dying from parasites, disease and habitat loss. Some people don’t realize how important the process of pollination is. Pollination is when one transfer pollen grains from the anter to the stigma which are used to grow fruits and vegetables. Bees are very important part of pollination and without them, a huge part of fruits and vegetable would be lost. This would cause problems for the economy and would limit the life on earth due to the lack of food. It has been estimated that without bees, the life of humanity would only be able to live 4 years.

From this, it can be seen that bees are very essential for life. But due to people misunderstanding how annoying they are to what they actually provides for us. If more people understand how bees plays a big part in our society and don’t use as much pesticide, it would save a large portions of the bees. This would also prevent them from going extinct. But due to the many factor of how bees are known as unneeded and just bad over how they are very essential part to society is hurting bees without people even knowing. Although bees can be annoying it doesn’t mean that they are not important. If more people realized all the good things bees provides for a person instead of all the bad things, bees won’t be as close to being extinct, life would be longer and not be limited to only 4 years.

Why this is my best possible 2fer?

I believe this is my best possible 2fer because I always have problem with writing the thesis since it would not be debatable enough which would result in a lower 2fer grade. I feel like this thesis is actually debatable and not just a statement or a fact. I also have enough evidence to back up the information with numbers instead of just stating opinions. I didn't argue it but I prove it since I know that a 2fer prove not argue with opinions. Therefore, that is why I believe that this is my best possible 2fer.


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