2fer #7 Raymond Rochester

         Does working out and lifting a fitter healthier lifestyle help your confidence

                                       Working out: The answer to confidence?

Physical fitness is a huge thing to many. There are many different ways that people do to get fit and stay in shape like running, boxing, lifting weights, and many other things that needs you to work hard, get your heart beating and blood pumping to burn calories  and build muscle. There are many benefits to living a fitter life like feeling better, looking better, being more capable and having benefits that goes as far as possibly living longer. Working out and living a better lifestyle can help your confidence because of the new self image that is made after the physical transformation..  

In an article from lifesum.com there is a person who talks about their  experiences of working out and also talks about how her physical transformation makes her feel more confident  “I’ve lost count of how many before and after pictures I’ve seen where people have undergone the most radical of radical transformations, and shed half their bodyweight, and then they say something along the lines of, ‘Honestly though, it’s not the weight that’s the biggest deal, I am so much more confident in my body and in my own skin’. This is typically the point at which I roll my eyes and think to myself ‘OF COURSE you feel so much more confident, you’re slimmer and you hated your body before!’

But I’ve had a kind of aha! moment. I will say that I’m not sure if there is any psychology behind this, so feel free to disregard everything. All I know is that for me, working out has been strangely empowering.” This person says that she has found a confidence because of the body transformation that they went through from working out. It was said that this person hated their body before getting in better shape and comparing how they saw themself back then to now is a huge part of their new found confidence.

On a question and answer type of set up on this website called sharecare a question was asked. The question was ‘Does exercise help increase confidence?’ Jeff Coswell an NASM elite trainer said “Absolutely. Working out and seeing your body change definitely will help change your attitude towards yourself and even life. When you start feeling good about what you have accomplished your whole perception changes. As a personal trainer myself just seeing peoples eyes light up when the have lost that weight and body fat makes me even feel good. When you start looking and feeling better your whole attitude changes for the better. Have you ever met someone who said I have lost all this weight, dropped all this body fat and have more energy and I am miserable? Of course not because reaching these goals makes you feel you can accomplish anything. So work hard and feel great.” From Jeff Coswell quote it looks like he's saying that it's mostly a mental type of feeling that changes based on your progress and how you look. Once again it's the same Idea from paragraph 1 where the comparison to the before and after transformation has a huge boost in confidence.

In this article about a man who was suffering from chronic pain on a website called www.pickthebrain.com, the man in the article states that Working out has many benefits towards building your confidence. First, it teaches you the importance of making a decision and what really deciding is. It helps you to build a more positive self-image and an internal compass. You learn gratitude, discipline, and visualization. Finally, you learn to move more slowly, which makes you appear more confident and self-assured. Once again the idea of self image of brought up.

Due to the self image of humans, the idea of bettering ourselves is needed to make lives easier. This shows how working out and living a better lifestyle can help your confidence because of the new self image that is made after the physical transformation.

This is my best 2fer because of the connection I was able to make in the real world. This was also a topic that I was comfortable with and I personally workout a ton myself. I have seen the personal growth in me which makes my 2fer a lot more connectable with the audience and myself. The research I did was expressed in my 2fer and how I was able to piece things together which made me feel confident in my own work.