Fighting Fire with bullets?

Hello my name is Soledad Alfaro-Allah. In english class we have been assigned to be agents of change. We have been assigned to think about world issues and express our opinion on said issue and then go out in the world and try to influence a change. The issue that I am dealing with,  is Gun control, and violence, and how our youth deal with and understand violence. Recently the event that brought this particular issue to the attention of many was the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary.  This was an eye opener for many of us on the issue of gun control and how we as U.S. citizens are affected by the influence of guns and violence. The NRA has recently been a “victim” as they say of protesters that are upset about how easy it is to access a gun. The solutions that are being brought to the table with many are inadequate and frankly have proven to not make sense. One of the solutions is to again raise security in our schools. This solution has been attempted in several schools and in most cases it has not improved situations. Instead of trying to further educate our children about guns and violence, we put more of it closer to our schools. With metal detectors and barb wire. Schools are beginning to resemble prisons more and more with aspects like these in every corner of the school environment. Solutions for this problem are still trying to be developed. America is a nation that revolves around guns. They are a hobby and a pastime for many of us, but even so should we be risking our children's lives for this simple past time? Many people have been pondering solutions, such as minimizing the amount of bullets per set to make it a little safer. The idea is that the less amount of bullets you have in a set or clip the more quickly one would have to switch the set more often. So if they were attacking it would give someone a chance to run or more time to take action. The other solutions include giving teachers firearms, and again adding more security in schools. For my project to help find a solution to this enormous epidemic, is to educate our children about it and to show them the alternatives and how to deal with their own anger without resorting to violence. I plan to do this by writing a short children's book and illustrating it on my own and reading it to young kids, and talking to them about their emotions. I also plan on educating people of my age and older on this by creating a small documentary and sharing it with the world. I hope you all follow me through this journey. The hyperlinks above are articles and videos all about this topic and the incident at sandy hook. It also includes one small documentary called. War on Kids. Guns should be a last resort. Not a dependable resource. Click here For my bibliography. Click here for an answer from children.