Film Review : The Island

The Island, written by Caspain Tredwell-Owen, directed by Michael Bay, and released in 2005, is a sci - fi thriller about two people who find out that they are clones,created only to be harvested for for their organs. In the beginning after the first initial scene of the main character having a vivd nightmare of drowning the movie proceeds to show the Mis- en- Scene. A modern futuristic environment with people whose daily lives are regulated according to the standards of others. Most of the shots beginning of the film are medium shots with lighting that dramatizes the shot. To me it seems like the lights are always positioned so that shines from directly under or above a characters faces.This gives their faces a sort of shadow about them. The shots in this film don't differentiate until the middle of the film when most of the thrill and action takes place.

The Dialogue in the film gives just enough information so that the viewer's curiosity is only furthered. Most of the dialogue in the film is not accompanied by music or the music is very very low. The music , just like the camera shots, doesn't start to become more prominent until the action and thrill starts. In some scenes it takes the place of dialogue. For instance, when the main characters leave the environment the movie opens in , the music is loud and gives off the character emotions. The characters themselves were well casted wonderfully, I felt each person was really into their role. They made it seem believable, well as believable as this story could be.

The editing of this film was particularly good during the most action packed part of the film when a lot of car crashes and building breaking was taking place. The point of view of the camera changed from close up to  to wide or panning.The actors the coloring and everything else, to me blended beautifully. I quite enjoyed this film. I cannot say that I was blown away by it buy did enjoy it. i could see myself watching this film again or suggestion it to someone I know. Over all i give this film a 7.5 out of 10.