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In class, we learned about two different movie test that judge based on  female inclusiveness and anti-gender biased ideals. The first test is called the Bechdel Test. This is a simple test that judges movies on the following three criteria: It has to have at least two women in it, the women have to talk to each other, and their conversation has to be about something besides a man. The second test is called the Mako Mori Test (named after Mako Mori from the movie, “Pacific Rim”.) This test judges movies on the following three criteria: There is at least one female character, this female character gets her own narrative arc, this arc must not support a man’s story.

The first movie I did these test on was “I, Tonya”. This movie is a biography of famous, olympic, ice skater, Tonya Harding. After watching the movie, I realized that this movie does pass the bechdel test. There are two women in the movie, Tonya Harding and her mother. They have multiple conversations with each other throughout the movie. Whenever the two talked, it was always about Ice Skating or how much they hate each other. They only talked about Tonya’s boyfriend once.

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After reading the criteria for the Bechdel Test and Mako Mori Test, and analyzing them for things that could be added to improve the test, I have created my very own movie test that looks for gender and racial diversity. My test is called “The Joseph Test”, and it can be used to analyze any movie. The criteria for passing my test include: There must be at least two people of color who converse with one another and at least one of them must have their own story arc. There must be at least two women, of color or white, who converse with each other and at least one of them must have a story arc. The movie cannot be predominantly white male.

My test is actually difficult because a lot of movies wouldn’t pass my test. But, I can think of a few TV shows that would. In the upcoming Marvel TV series called “Cloak and Dagger”, the show’s lead characters are a black male and a white female. They will both have their own character arcs and the other supporting characters will mirror the diversity of the main characters. In turn, the show will not be predominantly white.

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