Final Art Reflection

In quarter one of advanced art, we created three different art pieces. The first one was painting one a ceiling tile that would be placed in the school. The second was a fall wall hanging. During this quarter (second), the majority of the art we drew was created by us. In the beginning of the quarter, we drew blind contour drawings which is a concept artist use to practice their drawing skills. Blind contour drawings are when you're looking at an object and not at your paper and you attempt to draw the object as best as you can. My other drawing after the contour drawing was a painting of my own creation. It represents how wounded the world is, and all we really do to fix it is "put a band-aid on it." Metaphorically. ere we were instructed to draw something that reflects what we related to the season fall. The third was a self-portrait. All three of these examples can be seen in the slides below my post. Art takes time. You can't rush it. I tried rushing my assignments thinking that they were good enough to turn in but looking back, there are always improvements to be made. If you choose to take something away from my artwork, let it be this. My art represents who I am and what I'm about. I appreciate a good sense of style. I tried to have my art reflect on how much fashions means to me. I'm not the best artist but I know that even if I'm not great, I still was able to express what I love in one way or another.