Final Blog: Does family income and race effect college acceptance?

        Many people assume that students who have a low family income are less likely to accepted into college. However it is more preferable to assume that students in high school with a low income are more likely to not plan to go to college. Therefore in my opinion I would say that family income does not effect your acceptance into college because consider many different ideas for admissions. Many colleges offer financial aid to student who can't afford college and there is always the option for scholarships.
      Many people of diverse race have asked the question if race affects which college you get into. According to a Princeton Review book from my research I learned that African Americans and Hispanics are accepted to all colleges and are even accepted to Ivy Leagues by scoring a 650 or higher on every section of the SAT's. How ever this is not applied for asian students who score a 650 or higher on sections of the SAT's.