Final blog, how will we conserve our wildlife

I do have to say regretfully that especially since this is my last blog post that I will not be able to tell you exactly why we don't build our building upward instead of out ward.  As I said in a previous post I would think that this is because it might cost more and be harder to do.

I was fortunately able to find a few more ways that we can help to conserve our wildlife before it all disappears.  They are on this site.  

I also have to say that I was not able to find find anything in my research that says why we don't teach more people about wildlife conservation.  I think that one reason at least for us not to be teaching people about wildlife conservation is that then we would have to many people running around interfering with large companies and keeping them from destroying wildlife while they get bigger and bigger and bigger. 

 One thing that I learned that surprises me in that I would think that more people would be out and doing things in more places because of the top 10 wildlife organizations out there almost all of them put more than 70% of all their funds towards conserving wildlife in different places.  This was from this site