Final Capstone Post- Jack Eagen

My name is Jack Eagen and for my capstone, I chose to create a sneaker of my own design. Originally my plan was to have an actual model of this sneaker, create a website for it, as well as holding an event where this could be shown off. Unfortunately, I was not actually able to create a model and so instead I have all of my digital designs placed on a Website showing what I did and the process I went through in creating this sneaker. I chose this project because sneakers and fashion have been a passion of mine since I entered high school. I talk about these origins on my website, how I really fell in love with them when I was given a pair of Jordans by my parents for Christmas. Since then my collection and love for these sorts of things has grown exponentially. I had several other ideas for my capstone, but ultimately this idea had the most amount of passion involved in. For this capstone, it took a lot of trying to find out what direction I was heading in and the attempt doing those things. On my website, I list everything I did for this project, it appears very straightforward. However, the actual process of doing this was nothing like that. Fortunately, though I was able to figure most of this out on my own, and submit my project on time. Link to my Website- Bibliography-