Final element print blog post

IMG_0627 (1)
IMG_0627 (1)
My element is iron the atomic number is 26 and the atomic symbol is FE. 
Iron has been around since ancient greece, since it has been around for so long no one really knows how it was discovered, there is a theory that when a meteor hit earth there were bits of Iron in the meteor. Iron is needed for blood production, It can also be used to strengthen appliances.  I looked up products with iron, but I realized most products do not have iron so my options were limited.
What process did you go through to make this print? 
          In the process of making this print, I brainstormed possible designs, then I chose which one made the most sense, then sketched that one out and added detail and then carved the design into foam, then went over the foam carving with ink, then I transferred the design onto an 8 x 6 piece of paper. 
           I enjoyed going over our designs with ink the most because it felt like  the only time I think that we got do the stuff we were learning about hands on. When we printed in class, previously we had carved our design into a piece of foam then the next class we rolled ink over our design. 
           If I could do this project again I would try to think of what else has iron, possibly something with the human body, I feel like I could have made my design more original.